Chia Seeds Benefits

Health Benefits of eating sprouting Chia Seeds


Since prehistoric times, natural remedies have been used for healing and nutrition, and many of them are being used till today. Ancient American tribals and native mexicans have used chia seeds for centuries and it offers numerous health benefits to us. Long thought of as an weight lowering agent, its uses go far beyond that.

Chia seeds are easily digestible. Digesting chia seeds is much easier than many other seed based foods. They can be eaten raw, sprouted or cooked as you wish.

It helps in giving a feeling of fullness as soon as they are eaten. For the simple reason that it absorbs water upto 10 times of its weight, thereby forming a layer of viscous gel around it. They help in weight reduction. Chia seeds are gaining popularity as a weight lowering food. These seeds lower down cravings for food by preventing absorption from intestines. This reduction in absorption plays an essential role in calorie control.

Chia seeds are the richest vegetable source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Due to richness of omega-3 fatty acids, it becomes a super-food with ability to protect against various bone and cardiac (heart-related) problems.

It Benefits diabetics by its food absorption lowering properties, alongwith delay in carbohydrate metabolism process, which are beneficial for diabetics by preventing sharp spikes of blood sugar levels.

It prevents dehydration and is also good for workers/players involved in heavy workouts for its hydrating properties due to absorption of so much water content.

It may help in lowering of blood pressure by its swelling properties, which increase blood flow in alimentary canal after eating, thereby causing some reduction in blood pressure.

But despite many such health benefits of chia seeds, the primary reason behind its use is its weight reducing qualities. With rising prices of medications, a natural and inexpensive substitute to helping health issues is always welcome, and the users of these seeds swear by its effects. If you think that you may need some help in that area, it may not hurt to give this seed and its powder a try. You may very well be surprised and pleased at the results. Start consuming it today and save money while you buy seeds of chia in bulk packs.

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